Plant sensors and Homey

Hello readers!

Soo in the past i’ve been pretty harsh about the Xiaomi Flower app that’s embedding the flower sensors into Homey. But after the last big Homey update I must say that this is working great again and the 15 sensors in my home are working at their best thanks to the app by Leendert de Kok!

In this topic I wish to display my sensor flows, hopefully somebody finds them usefull. Not good in watering plants? Make sure you use Homey for that :wink:!

I used the Xiaomi Flower Sensor available on AliExpress. You can order it here:

The flows for the plants upstairs are linked to my ‘bedtime flow’. Inside my bedtime flow I run ‘start a flow: flower sensor X’. This flower flow starts with ‘If this flow started’ instead of the trigger you’ll find below. This way Homey will notify me about a plant that needs water before I go upstairs. Since we do not have running water on the first floor, this is pretty usefull :).

The ‘regular flow’ is displayed below. I only test for water since the other values are not important in my setup. I have added a ‘Planten blokkade’ (Plant block) to my logics in Homey. Once a plant is triggered, blocking the flows for 5 minuts prevents Homey from going all crazy speaking and sending push messages if 3 or more sensors update at the same time.

Soo the flow triggers on a change in sensor value. To make sure it’s about the water and not any other value, I use a logic card to check if the ‘Sensor’ is ‘Vochtigheid’ and not another build in sensor. We also check WHAT the humidity is… Is the percentage below 15%? Then I wish to get a notification! Everything higher is fine, let it be.

Make sure that you do not set the polling frequency to a few minutes. In my experience Homey does not like to use BLE (bluetooth) soo many times in a row but also this drains battery life of your sensor like crazy. I have set the polling to 120 minutes (2 hours), but even a higher number is fine. Afterall they won’t die from a few hours with less then 15% water!

Last but not least; you might wonder what the soundboard card is for… Before I let Homey speak, I always play a short notification sound. In the past I did not add this and it scared the hell out of us sometimes that a random voice starts talking out of the blue :upside_down_face:.

Well that’s all folks! I hope this flow can be of use to somebody.