Tuya WiFi touch light switch not showing in Alexa

Hi all
Just looking for a bit of help with this. I have added a Tuya WiFi touch light switch to homey using the Tuya cloud app, working fine. The issue I have is that when I ask Alexa to discover new devices it doesn’t find anything. I have unlinked the Tuya skill from Alexa to avoid duplicates. I can relink the tuya skill in Alexa and I’m sure it wii be found, but I’ll end up with duplicates.
Does anyone know if there’s another solution to this.

If I see duplicates in Alexa, I decide which I want to keep and disable the other - which prevents it coming back.

Alternatively, if you use the Homey skill in Alexa, from memory, only ‘favourite’ devices and flows appear in Alexa. You can then add voice routines in Alexa to execute Homey flows to operate your Tuya devices.


Hi Andy
Thanks I’ll just mark them as disabled as you suggested