Mipow bluetooth candle: Can someone please update this app?

Hello guys and girls!

A happy New year to all of you!

I have a question… I have used this bulbs for a couple of years in combination with homey… They where working awesome!

With the candle effect enabled they really look like real candles and I was happy with them! Too bad that athom didn’t update the app they’ve created for them to work with homey v3 and newer… I sent them an email and they told me that they are not updating the app as there where not enough users…

I hope someone of you can pick this up and is able to get this app working again… any volunteer?

Here is the source code:

How to install this app to Homey? or it is not supported anymore?

It’s a version 1 app, not possible to use it at Home V5, search for CLI install if you want to install the Github version (max Homey V4.2.0).

It’s not working anymore. Allready tried it using CLI. I’ve contacted Athom about it but they are not gonna update it as there where not enough active users. But maybe you can contact them as well. It was working great.

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Contacted Homey support but they replied the following:

“The best way to request implementation of new devices is to get in contact with MiPow itself.”

So I’m contacting MiPow (support@mipow.com). It would be good if everyone who is interested in integrating their products could contact them as well.

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I saw that the candles are supported in home assistant with an addon that is availible since 2 months.

I had a raspberry pi running allready for all my zigbee stuff, so I installed home assistant aswell, and indeed, I got them running. And using the home assistant app for homey from the community appstore, I am able to control them using Homey.

It’s a lot of work to get it all working when you are new to home assistant and debian/linux wich is running on the pi, but, after serveral hours, it finally works…

If you are interested and need some help, please let me know.

There is a new version of the app for Mipow and it works. Thanks to the one who has reanimated it.

Wow, I see it! :smiley: Thanks for the tip! It is created by Athom, So I think we should thanks them. Maybe it has something todo with the new homey BLE update.