Ring Security Motion Sensor v2

Bottom Line First:
I have some Z-wave motion sensors that keeps getting stuck, that used to work flawlessly with Ring.

I am running a complete Ring Security system, but I wanted to use some Ring sensors for home automation purposes, so I factory reset and paired a couple of Ring Motion Sensors v2 with Homey Pro for this purpose. I used the Ring Security App for inclusion.
I was able to run with one sensor for successfully for a few days, but after I included a second sensor I get the symptom where both sensors freeze.
I doesn’t feel like this is a Ring Security App problem to me, because the value reported over the Z wave network as per the dev tools is constant/stuck.
I now have one sensor stuck on:
alarm_motion Motion alarm boolean true
The other is stuck on:
alarm_motion Motion alarm boolean false

In other words, one sensor stuck on, one sensor stuck off.
Interestingly I can send tests to the node, and will receive a response. However, the information from the node no longer updates.

Reseting Homey Pro does not help, the only thing that works is to remove the node from the Z-wave network, and then reinstall it, a 5 minute process. Then it will work for a few more hours, before it gets stuck again.

Homey Pro Firmware version is 10.0.3
Ring Security App Version is v0.2.15

Update: I just found out that it is sufficient to disconnect power to the motion sensors in order to get them back online. It should be noted that both devices has worked flawlessly in a Ring Security system for a year prior to testing on Homey Pro, so it might be something the HP does that causes them to freeze.

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Did you check the topic for Ring Security app, if there is an amswer? You should post you query to the topic, so that the app developer is also notified.

Yes, I have been doing a fair bit of reading and could not find anything relevant.
It was a judgement call to post in under z-wave device topic rather than under the app topic, as I it seems the z-wave network layer is unstable to communicate with these device over time. I can post a reference to the app forum also.

I have this issue with the Outdoor Contact Sensors.I’ve tried resetting, ptp, removing nodes. I wish I didn’t have so many of these sensors otherwise I’d just move to Matter devices. :sweat:

Yes, I have to take the batteries out of the sensors every 24 hours or so… It might be a bug in the Ring sensor that is provoked by a bug in the Homey, who knows…