Homey Pro App for Z-Uno: Z-Wave Motion Alarm not working


I am busy implementing a new app for a custom Z-Uno device that I have built. The device has 3 end points, a motion sensor, a binary switch and a multi level sensor. The sensor and the switch is kind of working, and I am receiving reports for the motion alarm, but the value of the alarm is always zero. I have tested the same device against my Fibaro Home Center 3 and it works correctly. Any idea what I am doing wrong. I am very new on the Homey platform. My code is here:


I receive alarm reports:

The value is just always zero (expecting 0xFF when the alarm is triggered and that is what the serial log indicates on the Z-Uno).

I also have an issue with the initialisation of the device. The initial GET for the alarm and voltage values fail:

Any help will be appreciated.
Kind regards,

Sorry for not being able to answer your questions.
But this app sounds very interesting.
Will it be possible to customize the z-uno anyhow or will it be hardcoded for in/outputs?