Ring Security - Extend Heimdall with Ring Security products

Well, that’s a though one, I have no solution for you unfortunately.
I would not advise you to enable experimental, to my knowledge there’s currently not being worked on Z-Wave stuff and current stable is up to par with experimental.
Should you read a post about a new experimental version that mentions improvement on Z-Wave you could consider it. On the other hand, nowadays the experimental versions are focussing on smaller changes so stable versions are created faster than ever.


I’m not expecting any answers or solutions to this post, just thought I’d let you know since I in my last post wrote that I’d buy a new keypad.

I got a new keypad (still v2) but it behaves the same way. It works for a few arm and disarm event but then it freezes and after a while it “resets” so that all buttons are white and it doesn’t show neither armed or disarmed at the top of the keypad.

Since I’m eager the get this working with homey and heimdal I found a keypad v1 on eBay which I’m now waiting for to arrive. I’ll let you know how the results are when I get it.

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I heard from a colleague that he had problems with Ring v2 and Heimdall, but after deactivation the usage of speech with Homey voice in the flows his problem went away.

(do stuff with Homey and it speaks to you for counting down for example. Should not be z-wave, but…

Another possibility is that there is a problem on the z-wave frequency and that another device is interrupting/ blocking the transmission. Some older alarm motion detectors are using analog signals or another equipment set is using the same frequency, then transmission will fail regular, because air is half duplex for devices. and is someone speaks the rest keeps his mouth shut till air is free in that band again.

I don’t have homey speaking or to do any kind of voice announcements, those kind of tasks is handled over google TTS. I do however, at the moment, suspect something with the S2 but I can’t find any suspect nodes. I have a lot of battery powered magnet sensors that are working over zwave but none that I could see would cause the problem. As mentioned before, hopefully the v1 keypad works, I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

Hi Fredrik, I have also the same problems with the Ring Keypad V2 as you discribe. I hope @DaneedeKruyff that you have a suggestion what to do.

I got my keypad (v2) a couple of days ago and I’m unfortunately facing the same issues. This app seems brilliant and I cheer and applaude all the hours @DaneedeKruyff has spent on this integration. I cross my fingers for a solution - let me know if I can be of assistance👍

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Hi! It took some time but I finally got my keypad v1 delivered and I can gladly report that it works. I’ve had it for three days and i’ve been testing it pretty intense. Sometimes it looses connection but that only means that arming/disarming takes a few more seconds and its made clear by the LED on the keypad it self. It then shows by the network LED is red but it still “records” all keypresses and after a few seconds it arms/disarms without me having to enter the code again. This is the only “problem” that i’ve had and I can live with it.

If i should guess what causes it to sometimes loose connetion for a few seconds i would guess either its because the keypad is “waking up” (battery operated) or because of were its mounted. The zwave network is stable and has the range to were i mounted the keypad but the keypad is mounted above a powerline in the wall, about 70cm from were the main power is routed into the house and also 40cm from a 433mhz device, perhaps this causes some interferance. But as i already mentioned, it works great, sometimes arming/disarming just takes a few more seconds.

@DaneedeKruyff - thank you some much for a great app and for all the time you’ve spent troubleshooting and answerering these post. It’s thanks to people like you and the community that homey is such a great product!


Yes I have also the keypad V1 and it works great.