Retry - Retry - Retry - Connect! (Android App)

With Homey v2.1.2 and Android app its also with me very often that the connection to my Homey is lost. Trying to edit a Flow is a nightmare, very very long waiting times.
Phone is a Fairphone 2 with Android 7.1.2

I have also an iOS Tablet (iPad Pro), seems to have better performance using the App but also on that App the deley’s are long when loading a flow for editing.

It’s been a while since this was posted, but I am still experiencing connectivity issues with the Android app (Pixel 5 but on other Android devices also). I already excluded the Homey app from battery and data saving, but that doesn’t help.

It will hang, partially load, not load, not respond to device/zone/flow actions until I kill and restart it. Extremely annoying. Sometimes the “Retry” button all of a sudden shows up and that will usually solve the issue as well. It looks like it’s worse when I switch from data to wifi for example, or move around the house (mesh network). Why can’t it just reconnect automatically by itself like other apps do? I mean I see an app reconnecting every now and then, but very few apps just hanging or throwing an error?

Are others also still having the same problem?

I had this in the past very often and found something on this forum to solve it for me:

Add an DNS entry to your local DNS server for your homey link this and replace the IP number with the IP address of your Homey:

This is the DNS host name! additional you type the same IP address at field IP address.

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That sounds good, @M_a_r_c_o!
But can you elaborate a bit, I do not get quite what you mean and how to configure this.
I have a Fritz!box 7590, but perhaps more community members have the same question…

I’ve read somewhere that this problem occurs when homey is connected to a wifi network that is 2.4 & 5 GHz. Then it sometimes loses connection and can’t be reached.
Try connecting it to a network that is 2,4ghz only!

The Web UI always works fine on the local wifi network, so I’m pretty sure that rules out the Homey wifi connection (2.4 vs 5Ghz).

I am using Nextdns: on Android through “Private Dns” (DOT, directly to internet), on the local LAN through dhcp using Nextdns installed on my Synology NAS, so that might make a difference. Not sure how to create a static entry with Nextdns, but I will investigate.

I did notice however that disabling “Mesh technology” support for my Pixel phone on my Deco M5 seems to improve things quite a bit. So it looks like it’s somehow (also) related to roaming through the house and/or reconnects.

I had the most awful connection problems - constantly getting offline, retry messages. The Hue app especially would hang / crash frequently. I was using an Orbi mesh network, and I decided to plug in my Tplink travel router and connect Homey to a single 2.4ghz network - wow, 95% of my issues gone - my Homey has had a personality transplant!

Welcome to the year 2000! :wink: