Retry - Retry - Retry - Connect! (Android App)

I wonder if I am alone in this, but lately (last month or so) the app needs about 2 or 3 retry’s to connect to the Homey.

I am using the homey app on an Android phone (Samsung Note 9) and running latest version of Homey 2.0.5-rc.5
This has been the case for the last few versions, not in the very beginning of v2.

I just wondered if anyone else is experiencing the same, thx!


Exactly the same here: usually I need to retry once or twice before it connects.

Also on a Android Sytze?

Thanks for the reply, means I dont have to buy new wifi AP’s :blush:

I notice the same thing, but usually only 2 re-connects, not always though.
Mostly when connected through 4G.

Homey 2.04
Samsung S9 Android Pie

I have this problem too, on iOS.

This is an Homey firmware issue. I have this exact same thing since 2.0.4 if i recall correctly. The main cause of this is memory usage of Homey and a reboot can solve it for a few days.

I don’t agree it’s since 2.0.4 and that it’s caused by memory usage. I have a perfectly healthy memory usage but have these connection problems since day 1 on V2, in my opinion it’s a cloud connection issue. (btw, iOS here)

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I got the exact same thing.

Samsung note 9


Mine too has been happening since v2 was released.

Same here since a few updates back (ios)

Yes, here as well. I think it is when it switches from Home to Cloud connection and vice versa.


Yep, a Samsung S8 with Android 9. Both on wifi and on 4G.

Me too , on ios.

Athom knows about this and working on it,

Same here. Samsung S9 with Android 9.
Always 3 retries, then it connects.

Same issue here since a few days. Note 8 and Homey 2.0.4. Both on wlan and 4G. A bit annoying I must say.
Now I have done a work around with creating flows that starts from IFTT and virtual buttons widget. Don’t need to start homey for my most used switches…

What changed since a few days? New hardware, new firmware, new router?

Same hear. Samsung S8 android 9

Samsung S7 Android 8.
Both on Wifi and 4g