-Resolved- After 7.1.5 upgrade, KAKU-devices no longer operate via Homey Heating Scheduler App

Hi all,
I’ve had Homey (early 2019) for couple of years now, and I’ve been mostly very satisfied on the product, and on the work ‘our’ great developers do. I’ve done the antenna mod, to get better coverage and have automated much on my house; heating, locking, lighting etc.
But since upgrade to Homey v7.1.5 couple of days ago, Homey Heating Scheduler app no longer operates my KAKU relays. Devices themselves work, when I switch them on or off via Homey mobile app. The Heating Scheduler App works as expected as well, and timeline shows that temperatures change as set on schedule.
I’ve set the relays to ‘virtual heater’ by selecting ‘Heater’ on the device settings (what’s connected), and as I mentioned, devices worked without problems until upgrade to 7.1.5 with this setup.
Has anyone else experienced similar problems ?

-Edit 21.10.2021-
After extensive testing, this issue was resolved by removing devices created via Heating Scheduler, (Plan and VThermo) and re-creating them. After that, editing VThermo device properties by adding settings 'Target temperature in the same zone > ‘From other thermostat’ and ‘Update other thermostats’, and saving device settings, I was able to operate KAKU relays again by either setting target temperature from Plan device, or via schedule.
I’m not sure, if those settings in VThermo device were there before upgarade to Homey v7.1.5, but after upgrade, they were not there, and were not functioning even if settings were added to the device again, without removing device first.
Hope this helps others, down the line…