Reset fibaro brandmelder na melding

Vandaag kreeg ik een brandmelding van een fibaro brandmelder.
Na de melder gereset te hebben bleef de melding in Homey staan en krijg ik die er niet uit.
(Het wolkje bij rookmelder)
Ook als de melder wakker gemaakt is blijft de melding staan.
Hoe moet je Homey of de Fibaro melder nou resetten en wat is de volgorde van resetten?
Ik gebruik een Homey pro early 2019 V 2.5.2.
Groeten Richard

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Could try to trigger it again with some heat/smoke (match, wierrook? ). This way it should give another smoke - no smoke signal.

I got the same problem? Did the solution @Rickp mentiond worked?

Same problem here. Anyone with a solution?

Any follow up on this? All my Fibaro sensors report smoke and when I click for more info they tell me that 10 months ago this happened… And another smoke sensor 24 months. Homey should have an option somewhere to remove that notification?

Apparently no one (at Homey or Fibaro) felt compelled to solve this issue?
I solved it today by removing the smoke detector from Homey (Homey Pro 2019) and adding it again. But I think there should be a better/smarter solution. Otherwise I would have to remove and add again and again whenever there’s a detection alarm or when I test it’s functionality.

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