Repeat Actions in "then"

I would like to have a repeat action in the cards so that if you want to shut down a device you could be able to for example repeat the command a couple of times to be a tleast allmost certain that a device is shut down. Just to increase the chanses that it is shut down.

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That’s what I do now, but it gets cluttered when there are many cards.
Telldus has the feature I’m looking for and it’s great, but I have left Telldus for Homey.
It should not be so hard to implement that. :slight_smile:

Ouch. Sorry for that! :blush:
I’ll do that. Thanx for input.
It is in any case an idea and suggestion. :slight_smile:

My experience with repeating an action is the following:
For devices that have a status (on/off) homey will not repeat the action. If the status is already on according to homey status, homey does not send the command again.

My solution for now is to create vitual devices type “button”, these will run every time.

@Fkey This is certainly not true for all Apps and probably depending on the type of device or the driver/HomeyApp.

I tried it for a KAKU dimmer and a HomeEasy socket, both learned multiple remotes and where switched once On and Off in Homey,
then I Switched them on with the second Remote that Homey has no knowledge about.
Although Homey thinks both are swithed Off sending a second time Off from the Flow switched the bulbs off.
So Homey WILL repeat the action.