New on Homey and experiencing unreliable flows

I have used domotics since 2007, first on Homeseer and windows, then on Indigo on a Mac Mini. Using Z-wave and since a few years also Hue. My Macmini was aging when I moved to a new home in april, so I chose Homey Pro as a replacement for Indigo. In general I am happy with the integration with Hue, Z-wave, Zigbee, Plugwise, SolarEdge, Homekit,Google home assistant and Philips TV. In total about 60 devices in the network. Simple flows work as long as I use a single action. Whenever I create a flow with multiple cards in the “then” part they work in testing mode, but when triggered by an event, random actions in the “then” part are not executed. In conjunction I noticed that although actions are sometimes executed, the resulting status is not reported back in the user interface.

Any ideas on how to solve the unreliability of flows with multiple actions? And comments about the synchronisation between user interface and device status in the real world? I experienced no problems with the same devices in Indigo.

For multiple actions in the THEN part you have to ad a delay for every card. I. General i add an delay off 1 second. For bulbs sometimes 2 seconds. First card 0 seconds delay, second card 1 second delay, third card 2 second delay.

By grouping devices you can overcome this problem. Therefore you have the Grouping app and Zones. With Philips Hue i use scenes.

Those won’t overcome the problem. The issue is that Homey cannot handle sending multiple commands at once, and using the group app and/or zones doesn’t fix that.

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I agrea it’s more a workaround

Divide them over 2 flows, or 3 depends on how man actions you need.

Its solved the delay problems for me.

First flow

Then. (Do this…)
Then. (Do this…)
Then. (Start flow X)

Second flow

When. (This flow is started)
Then. (Do this…)
Then. (Do this…)

Its also a workaround ofcourse, but it Works for me

Thank you all for the good suggestions. I will try them and see how that works out. I will report back here on the results.