Removing "dead" Ikea bulb

I’ve adde 2 bolbs to homey via the athom Ikea app. Then I had Som issues and resat them with out removing them from Homey, and now they at reconnectet to the Ikea gateway but still appears in “Devises”

Anyone knows how to clean up this mess?

You could try three things.

  1. Disable the IKEA app and try removing them again.
  2. Readd them to Homey and remove them again, proper this time
  3. PTP (Pull the plug, let it be turned off for 10 mins).

Good luck, hopefully one of these solutions work.

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just delete the device (from it’s settings) and let it timeout, that should remove the device in Homey

Disabling the app and installing it again did the trick👍🏻

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