Remote control Tradfri does not pair with my Homey app

Hi all,
I have a Tradfri remote control that I am trying to install on my Homey app. I have opened the back, pressed the button 4 times in 5 seconds to put it in pairing mode. The Homey app shortly detects it, but then does not finalize its installation and stays in ‘waiting’ mode.

Tried the same with the Ikea Transformator, but the Homey app just does not detect it at all.

Do I need to have the Ikea Bridge to be able to install the RC and Transformators? The Homey app does not mention anything about this bridge.

Please be more specific, there are 2 Ikea apps.
Also you don’t mention the Homey model you are using. We have 3 models.

With battery powered zigbee devices, you’ll need to press the pair button every other second, to prevent it from ‘sleeping’

If it’s the very first device you want to pair, first pair your all of your mains powered zigbee devices.

Also do check wifi 2.4GHz / zigbee interference

My experiences with battery powered IKEA devices is, that it’s not needed to press the pair button every other second after the main adding procedure (4 times in 5 s). I’ve never had to do that.

@MrZanja, regardless of which Homey model you are using, restart the IKEA app and then try to pair your IKEA devices. If this doesn’t work, restart your Homey, after Homey is online again wait about 15 minutes and then try to pair your IKEA devices.

Nevertheless, certain things must generally be taken into account with Zigbee devices. For this reason, you should read the information mentioned by Peter.

Thanks all. Some additional info:

  • I have only paired my Tradfri RC to the Tradfri Transformator/Driver, to which several lights are wired to.

  • I have never worked with the Ikea Tradfri app, only the RC to switch the Transformators/Drivers. Do I need an Ikea Dirigera bridge?

  • I have downloaded the Ikea Tradfri app in Homey app. I tried to install the RC and the Transformators, but it does not detect them when they are in pairing mode. How do I let this app detect them? Do the Drivers and RC first need to be connected to an Ikea Dirigera that is connected to the Wifi?

  • I have Homey Pro.

Are you 100% certain that you put the devices in pairing mode? How far away from Homey are your devices located?

If you’re sure they are in pairing mode, and they are within range of Homey, it might be that Homey has yet another issue with Zigbee, since this isn’t the first time recently that I’m reading about issues with device pairing.

I tried to test a Zigbee driver on my HP2023 and it was unable to pair my device with the same issue (installation isn’t finalised and just gets stuck) even though it was only 50cm away from Homey and it worked just fine with my old Homey.

In that case you should contact Athom and explain your issue. At least the IKEA app is from Athom too so they won’t be able to give you the standard “it’s an issue with the app” reply.

No, you shouldn’t need a Dirigera at all.

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Thanks, I managed to add the RC finally after resetting my router. Strange.

Now I found out that Tradfri app is not yet possible to include in flows :joy: How sad.

Is there any way to get around this?

You speak in riddles, sorry. I guess that you don’t understood how it works.
What RC do you use?
What do you want to do?

Maybe take a look at some of these videos:ådfri-with-Homey

Yes sorry for my noobness, I am here literally only 2 days and the reason why I am on the forum is that I need help. Is that a crime? I have zero experience with this stuff.

I thought I was clear to say that I want to connect my Ikea Tradfri ‘Draadloze Dimmer’ RC with SKU 704.085.95 and the Ikea Tradfri Driver with SKU 503.561.87 to my Homey Pro, and that I would like to include it in a Flow. The Ikea app says that it is not possible yet to have it in a flow yet, so for that my question: Is there any other possible way to make it in a flow?

The flow I want is when I turn on another Zigbee light, I would like my Ikea lights connected to the Tradfri Driver (which are connected to the Tradfri RC) to go on.

In such a situation the RC isn’t relevant, you need to create a flow action that targets the driver directly.