Dimmable transformer Tradfri

I want to link a Tradfri dimmable transformator to Homey.
The device is in the list in my Homey app but it does not connect.

The transformer works together with this remote. The remote I can connect to Homey.

I want to be able to control the lights with voice (Google assistent)
And flows. This together with the remote.
What do I do wrong?

You’re not providing a lot of information. Since you can connect the remote to Homey, I assume that you’re using the experimental v5 firmware? Do you get any errors? Where exactly does the pairing process fail?

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I followed the steps Homey proposes to link new apparatus. With the remote it works, with the transfo nothing happens

Does the request time out? Did you reset the driver? Are you using the experimental v5 firmware?

No time out, no reaction at all. Screen of connecting stays on the question to switch off/on the drive.
What experimental firmware?

Did you reset the driver by sticking a pin in the reset hole (shown in your photo)?

Which firmware version are you running (in the Homey mobile app, go to “More > Settings > General / Meer > Instellingen > Algemeen” and look at the “Homey version/versie”)? Since you say that “The remote I can connect to Homey”, it should be the experimental v5 firmware because earlier versions of the firmware couldn’t pair with that particular remote.

I did use the reset hole with a pin.


Ikea’s documentation says to have minimum one light connected to it when pairing.
Not sure if that makes a difference. But at least then you will get a visual confirmation of a reset.
I noticed that I sometimes needed a bit of a longer hold with the pin in the hole.
And the toggle power 6 times should do the trick.

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