Red ring of death on my Bridge

Yesterday I lost connection with my Bridge. I pulled out the power cable for a couple of minutes to restart it. Now I am stuck with a red ring. I can see that it is connected to the router, but apparently not the internet.

Any tips? I know red ring is a known issue for the bridge, but not how to solve it.

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There is an excellent search function:
Lots of reports and a number of solutions as well…

There is also the NOT SO EXCELLENT status pages that says nothing about the problem that seems to be all over Sweden at least, probably more places.

@nilsml It is a problem that started for many people yesterday. Probably problems at Athom.

@athom Why do you not update your status pages?

Athom is not here, this is a community forum. Don’t shoot the fellow users that try to help you, contact Athom directly instead.

I have not shot any fellow users?

I now that Athom “officially” is not here (but would be surprised if they were not lurking around :grinning:)

And I have contacted Athom several times about their not updated status pages.

I point him to possible solutions and you come up with some irritated response to me.
Not very inviting to help again…

I think you are a bit to sensitive or the problem is that English is not my first language. I did not come up with a irritated supply to you. I was trying to help nilsml and is really irritated on Athom that they do not update their status pages when there is problems. Would have saved a lot of time.

Ok, thanks! I have read through most posts but nothing seems to solve the issue. Guess I have to wait for Athom to fix it then.

Try to connect to an other datacenter when it seems Sweden related?

Move your location close to one of the two other datacenters @ California or Frankfurt, and maybe, I expect it connects to the datacenters there.
@ mobile app: …More > Settings > Location
Move the map to a location

Ofc, move location back to home, when Sweden datacenter is OK again.

I can understand PetervdK’s reaction to you, he refers to your shouting I guess.

We are not on Facebook here, and we are not Athom Customer Service. But I’m pretty damn sure they don’t like shouting either.

You just imho should address your frustrations directly to Athom, not through the forum.

And as you’ve not discovered yet, @athom is a non-existent forum member, so it’s all in all annoying.
And I think PetervdK tried to point out, annoying posts get less help.

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Moving to another datacenter i difficult as all I can see in the app is the logon screen. No menu items there…

Ah, I see. I hoped it was only the bridge with the issue, but the app is crippled as well?
Do you have any response from Athom in the meantime?

No, nothing yet. Guess it can take a couple of days…

Even no confirmation email? That gets sent quite quick.
Did you use the support request form?

  • Scroll to Customer Service
  • Follow links

Yeah, I got the confirmation mail :+1:t2:

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I have the same problem. Came home from vacation, wanted to see the temperature (Netatmo app) but homey was offline. When I restart the bridge (yes I have waited about 20 minutes) the light (whiteish) goes around for about 30 seconds, then the ring turns red, slightly pulsating. I also live in Sweden. Have no clue how to connect to the bridge In any way, to make changes, see status and so on. I have used bridge for several months. I suppose I also have to make a report to Athom…

Same for me, all red/dead :disappointed_relieved:

All red here as well in Norway. Didn’t do anything, just noticed my dimmer didn’t work, saw that all apps in homey were unavailable and now I can’t even go in to the phone app. Just a red ring…

I suppose the update/maintenance done to the servers in Sweden on Friday is to blame. Strange they didn’t notice.

I got this answers from Athom:
It annoys me that they haven’t written more about it under “status”. You can read that problem reported about red ring… but nothing more, so I thought it was another problem. Took me a couple hours of troubleshooting, just to know it’s not problem with my system.

Good morning Andreas,
Thank you for reaching out to our support.

Thank you for reporting this issue, and our apologies for your inconvenience!

This issue is already reported by other users after server maintenance ended and Development is working hard to fix this issue.

We hope to be able to fix this issue as quickly as possible.

Best Regards,

The Athom support team.