Red ring homey early 2016 V2.5.2

Hi all,

Sinds a couple of days my homey is random show a red ring. There are no new application or firmware upgrade installed sinds juni. I already reset the device but with no differentie on the homey (red ring is still there).

If the red ring is show, the home is not accessable with the application.

My diskspace is about 30% used and the memory is 50% used…

Are there more people with this issue and has anyone a solution for this?

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Wel asking if more people have this… then i ask you… what did the search option says😉

You could try a new usb adapter (its must have a minium of 2 amps), its not the firsr time the adapter fails.

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Thanx for your reply.:grinning:

Yes is did use the search option but i see only “old” questions there.

I changed the usb power adapter and see if this wil help…

So answers to old questions……… wont work ??

strange :joy:

The new adapter works for me… the red ring issue is solved.
Thanks Roy

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