Recommendation for sensors (smoke, CO2, reed / motion combo)


I have recently migrated to Homey from Zipato, and I have plenty sensors that I have been migrating and testing and there are a couple of sensors that don’t work fully with Homey and I’m looking for recommendations for replacement;

Zipato Smoke Sensor >> I’m looking for a sensor that can detect smoke and CO2, it can be any protocol that works with Homey Pro.

Zipato Multisensor Quad >> Zwave motion / reed / temperature / luminance sensor (is the only one I can find that has that combo of sensor).

Zipato Multisensor 4 in 1 >> Zwave reed / humidity / temperature / luminance - I was able to add these but the most important part of the sensor (reed) does not work.

Any replacements you know work with Homey??

Hi Alberto,

Before you have to spend a lot of money on new sensors, you can ask the app developer to add the unsupported devices. In this case this can be done on GitHub:

You can also report issues there, e.g. with the Zipato Multisensor 4 in 1.

Usually you can find contact information in the App Store in the grey field at the bottom.

Thanks for the link I will definitely take a look at it. In regards of the multisensor, I have discovered that the sensor does not send the contact alarm if the tamper alarm is active. This sensor has a design flaw and the pin that detects tamper is super fragile and breaks very easily… this is a sensor issue not an integration issue.