Homey in chainhouse and equipment

I am switching out my current Verisure system and I am most likley going to chose Homey.

I have a few questions of which tech I should focus on mainly for these devices, Z-wave or Fibaro or 433mhz.

  • 3x smart external small plug
  • 4x sensors for movement, temperature
  • 3x sensors for temperature, both inside and outside
  • 3x door sensors
  • 3x smoke detectors

And more later as switching out my buttons for my roof spotlights (LED) but since they cost so much thats a later thing.

So what is the most cost and radius optimal system, should I choose 1 for them all to create a mesh network and which one?

For smoke detectors I am thinking FIBARO Smoke detector since I like the design of them.
Is there something bad in mixing sensors and if so what should I think about?

Any information or thoughts are welcome since I am new within this field but quite experienced within tech,flows and normal computer building so I think the setup of each thing shouldnt be a problem.


First forget about 433mhz, only choose it if you no other options.

Fibaro is based on Z-wave, so your other option is Zigbee.
Both Z-wave and Zigbee devices will create a mesh network, the difference is that Zigbee devices are a bit cheaper most of the time (Aliexpress is your best friend for door/window/motion/temperature/humidity-sensors!).

There is no bad thing in mixing sensors, that’s the good thing about Homey… You can mix and combine almost everything!

Ah okey, yeah mixed fibaro and zigbee :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thing in sweden is that our local stores are actually cheaper than aliexpress so can get it locally with real warranties.

Are you living in Sweden or in heaven? :thinking: