Rebuild zigbee network


I have some Ikea stuff in my house, and last night I removed a light fixture. The bulbs in this fixture seems to be routing to the bulbs on my night stand, and after I removed it I can no longer reach the night stand bulbs.

The error I’m getting is this: “AF data request failed. Code: 205. No network route. Please confirm that the devices has (re)joined the network.”

There’s a signal repeater 5m away, so there shouldn’t be a problem with signal strength. I’ve tried powering them off, restarting the repeater, restarting homey. Nothing seems to work. Resetting the network seems like a really bad idea :wink: I’m using the built-in zigbee support and not the Ikea app.


lots of zigbee posts and answers on this forum, use the search function and be amazed.

First thing I did, but thanks.

Going on vacation tomorrow, so will try not to think about them again for a week.

same issue here. Any topic search tips JPe? (nederlands mag ook)

@MatsVerkuijl If you find anything I’d love to hear about it. I couldn’t find anything in any English topics.

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I tried some things and found my solution. Ptp, just ad the device without removing (what helped in the past) did not work. lamp could not be reached. But removing all non working divices with the app and reinstall them was the solution. Strangely that was the only thing the devices where able to. An hour of work with the devices and the flows and the.plugs, bulbs and spots are working again. Not a fun job, but happy that it works again.