Reboot homey bridge with a flow

Is there a way to reboot homey bridge at night with a flow ?
Cause i have to reboot homey bridge a couplet of Times a week tot restore zwave .

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There is no flow-command to reset the Bridge, maybe you can switch the bridge off an on with a smart-plug or a clock-switched-plug.

But this is not normal, contact Athom Service, as it is still Beta.


Unfortunately it is a known issue (but Atom choose to not list it as a known issue). Have the same problem.

Did you find a solution to reboot it?

How about a non-smart timer socket?


Or another Homey Bridge and two smart sockets so each one can reboot the other one… :roll_eyes:

HS100 or HS110

Even Homey can restart the bridge then.

That is a good idea! Will use a Shelly plug instead since I already have Shelly stuff.

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