Quibino Smart meter problem

Hello. I’ve install Qubino smart meter zmnhtd1 with homey qubino app for monitoring the consumption in my house.
I’ve install at mount of the energy line. The device work, only for few minutes of the fisical reboot the device.
After that, The monitoring stop the work.

This is the value I’ve see.

It’s necessary crate a flow for refresh istantaneally the value wen is change? For example wen the consumption is upper or downer?

Thanks for the help.

Your meter should have the latest firmware. You can mail Qubino for the OTA firmware update.

What is the firmware version that fixes this issue?

I have:
Firmware id 1801
Version 7
Subversion 9


I don’t know exactly which firmware it is. The name of the update file is as follows:

In last February, I’ve open a ticket by Qubino support.

He send me an update firmware, but this not have solving the problem.

I’ve send another ticket to Qubino support.

Qubino support send me another NEW firmware for fix it…

The version file is: QUBINO_SmartMeterS2_500_EU_27032020_0739_ZMNHTD1 H1S7P1_B5A55EFF.otz

Now, I install a HassOS in raspberry + razberry device for upgrade IT…

I’ll let you know if it works

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Is it working??? i want to buy the smart meter

Greet Ruud