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I just bought i Qubino Smart meter and its running just fine on my “boiler”, i get good readouts on the separate phases aswell as the combined. My problem is when i look at it in “Energy”, the device shows as “whole_house_meter”, just like my Pulse… Which means it doesnt include as a part of my total consumtion, instead it just ADDS its own consumption on top of the Pulse.
I would like to have this just as my smartplugs… How can I change this?

If im writing this in the wrong thread, feel free to move it :slight_smile:

I can’t move it, but this is the “official” Qubino thread, also with support from Qubino itself:

Regarding your question:
In the advanced device settings (category energy) of the 5 individual smart meter devices (main device, all 3 phases and phases 1 - 3) you can select whether they should be included in the total consumption or not.

I have found the setting, if I choose to Not include, it still shows as “unknown devices” together with all other equipment such as fridge, light etc.
if I Include it, it shows on top of this (unknown devices) category. So it combines the Pulse and the cubino instead of showing the boiler as a part of the total consumption

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean.
Where does it shows “unknown devices”? And which one of the 5 Qubino devices?
Could you please post some screenshots.

Btw, the Qubino 3 Phase SmartMeter is only able to display the power of the boiler, if only the boiler is connected to one phase with no other devices are connected to the same phase.

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In the area called ”Annan” is all the things I don’t have connected to a specific meter, so the difference between the total consumption of the house, and the things that are monitored by Homey, is grouped together as “Annat”.
Total consumption is measured by the Pulse. If I Include the Cubino meter it ADDS on top of Annat, where it’s already included through the Pulse, which means that I get the reading from the boiler twice. I want it presented just as a smart plug for example. Not as a Whole House Meter

Does it make more sense or did I just make it more confusing :see_no_evil:?

I try to understand, too :sweat_smile:

Your power meter is used via P1 interface and Homey is showing the cumulated energy usage correctly.
And your Boiler is connected behind the energy meter. So it’s a consumer like any other device in your house. So it’s correct thag it’s not shown in cumulative value but instead as a cosuming device.
Or do you have a second power meter parallel to your P1 so you really need two cumulative devices?

Correct! The boiler is a consumer behind the P1. And it has the cubino smart meter connected to it (only the boiler)
I just want to see the boiler(Cubino) as it’s own separate consumer as a part of the total house consumption (pulse P1)
Instead, in some weird way it acts as a smart meter for the whole house…

In this case you will need device settings for your Qubino that changes the behaviour. It must be implemented in the app.
If there is no device settings for, you have to ask the developer.
I don’t own this device so I can’t give further informations.

Thank you! I guess when say the app, you are talking about the Qubino app for Homey, there are no Qubino app for IOS or android…

Sure, the Homey app :wink:

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Ok, now I understand it too.
A (possible) problem with your wish is, that the device is designed for exactly this purpose of monitoring the power consumption of the entire house or single phases, just like the Pulse.
For this reason, the Qubino 3 Phase SmartMeter has the following Z-Wave classes:

(main device)

(phase device)

As a comparison, a few other Z-Wave devices (consumers).
Fibaro Smart Plug:

Aeotec Smart Switch 6:

Fibaro Walli Switch:

I’m not an expert on Z-Wave classes, but I assume that for your use case the Z-Wave class would have to be changed. This would mean that the Qubino 3 phase smart meter would no longer function as a smart meter, but as any consumer.
To switch the Z-Wave class between smart meter and consumer, I think you would have to have a possibility to choice the class while the inclusion process if the device will be added as smart meter or as consumer, because the Z-Wave class is set in the inclusion process, as far as I know.

Maybe Qubino can solve this in another way, I don’t know.

The energy settings must be done in the app/driver JSON:

  "name": { "en": "My Driver" },
  "class": "sensor",
  "capabilities": ["measure_power"],
  "energy": {
    "cumulative": true

This cumulative setting can be changed programmatically so the app can offer a device setting (checkbox) to switch between cumulative/consuming.

Good that my problem finally made sense :smile:

I have sent a request directly to Qubino, I don’t know if that is the right way to go? Or should I try to contact the programmer of the Qubino app?

Qubino seems to be the developer.

Perhaps @TedTolboom knows some details and can give a short feedback.

That can be done already and that is what I already mentioned in post #2:

But as @Jonas_Hakansson tried (sorry for that) to explain in post #3 and post #5, that seems not to work for him or this is not what he wants. I still don’t know, sorry.

Ah, finally I got it @Jonas_Hakansson :sweat_smile:

  • So the device has the settings to set cumulative yes/no.
  • If yes, it’s added to the cumulated energy (yellow marked)
  • If no, it’s added to the consumer.

If it’s added to consumer it’s not counted duplicated.
The upper part in energy view is showing the known consumer devices (sum) compared to cumulative value in lower part. The difference are not measured consumers. The more consumer are measured, the more these values should equalize more and more.

In the list below the chart you can go deeper into your zones and you can see the devices inside the zone.
On top level, the zones are summed up.
So if you want to see the boiler on top level, you should move the boiler into the top zone.

Yes, it’s added to the cumulated energy, which means that the qubino AND the P1 both “thinks” they’ll are measuring the cumulated energy of the whole house, which just adds up to an enormous energy consumption (the whole house including the boiler, PLUS another boiler!)

Which zone I choose doesn’t make any difference, the problem. I also think this is a problem with the z-wave class… it needs to be classified as a regular consumer…

I hope @TedTolboom sees this and maybe have som input :blush:

And the device settings have no effect?

No, the energy value is still displayed in the section “Intelligente Zähler / Smarts Mätare”, but the value isn’t used as a consumer. The value is just not taken into account.

Right, I guess because of the Z-Wave class.

No. Just tried it out myself.

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