Qubino 3-phase smart meter - Homey Energy

One last idea…
The device has more than one measure_power because of the phases and the cumulated value, right?
So there is one measure_power capability and 3 subcapabilities (I would assume).

But Homey only takes the main capability in account, not the subcapabilities.
So if the Quibino only provides consumer usage via subcapabilities and not cumulated in main capability, it will not show up in energy view.

I already asked about that on Slack.

So it could be related.


No! Each single device, main, phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 can or can not be included in the total consumption, but only as "SPECIFIC_TYPE_WHOLE_HOME_METER_SIMPLE", and not as “normal” device/consumer like lamp or boiler.

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Thanks for your efforts!

I think I have tried about everything, every setting, that I have the possibility to change…

Let’s hope Qubino or @TedTolboom gets back to me, promise to give an update if I get it sorted :blush:

Update. I just today installed a Cubino 1-phase meter today aswell, on my AC. This one also classifyed as a Whole house meter! Unless you live in a treehouse this sound very strange to me…

I´m currently in contact with both Cubino and Homey and trying figure out a sollution, or at least an explanation…

To be continued…

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I don’t mean to be a smartass, but that was to be expected.

@Jonas_Hakansson I am interested to hear the feedback you get from Qubino/Athom. I am in the same situation as you - I already have a Tibber Pulse that measures the total house consumption, and I am considering buying the Qubino 3-phase Meter to measure my heating pump consumption (and thus I want the Qubino meter to report consumption as a single device, just like you).

I have not found any other Homey compatible meters that support 3-phase without neutral (Norway), so I am very interested in this.

I’ve got the following response from Homey:

“I will put this through to our development team and see what they can do. At the the moment we are focusing on developing the new version of the Homey Pro and the new version of the app. I will create a feature request to be able to select wether or not a energy measuring devices is a whole house meter or consumer.

Please keep in mind that we cannot give any guarantees on if and when we will implement your suggestions, as there is already quite the development roadmap laid out. That being said, your request is definitely noted and will be discussed.”

The product works fine by itself. It’s only the homey energy feature that’s not compatible at this moment…
We will have to wait and see :slight_smile:

*edit - just read that this already has been mentioned *

Hi. I don’t know if I miss understood the question but can’t this already be done in the homey app?

Under energy tab go into he specific qubino device, clicks settings and you’ll get this (I believe your Swedish so I’ll don’t translate the print screen, hope that’s ok)

I have like you a total consumption using the p1 interface and also have a spa connected through a qubino 3 phase and I exclude the spa from the total using this function