[Feature request] Excluding zones and devices from Homey Energy

As there are a multitude of different energy meters connected to the Homey Pro, the Homey Energy view becomes quite overloaded and duplicated, triplicated or even more by the same values.

I would like to be able to:

  • Have a configuration for a Zone if its devices power meters should be included or not in Homey Energy.
  • Have a configuration for devices, it its power meters should be included or not in Homey Energy.

This way it would be easy to remove clutter from Homey Energy and show only the real information.


Yes this is a much needed feature. I have triple loaded energy measurements, excluded from usage, but they do still show up in the Energy screen.
Some of these devices have irrelevant values.
In general it should be usable as a setting 'exclude from H Energy" or similar, specified on a per device basis for max control.
Not sure how the ‘per zone’ would work that is listed in the previous post.

Afaik, this is caused by the device itself and not by Homey. Either the device has an incorrect energy class or the function that the measured energy should not be added is deactivated.


E.g., these are some parameters of my Qubino 3-Phase SmartMeter (Z-Wave):


And the measured consumption is not added:

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I agree, this is a needed feature!

My main problem is that devices made with the “group” app (with the Power capability selected) shows up in the Energy feature - causing skewed/redundant reporting.

Example: I would like a “All thermostats on first floor” group to easily calculate the energy bill for this group, but I don’t want this group to show up in the Energy pie chart.

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Not sure if this is what you want, but, you can create an AVD from the Device Capabilities App.

Add a number field set to Power.

If you un-check the Create Flow cards checkbox, the field is added as a number field with the layout of Power, but it will not show up in the Energy Pie.

If you Check the Create Flow Cards checkbox, it will show up in the Pie.
When you have the check on, you can also set if it is cumulative or not (but i guess this is not what you need).


Hi @DirkG,

It is not just in the case of incorrect energy class.

As an additional example, I am measuring my EV’s power consumption with a Shelly EM. It has two probes, so shows up as two devices and I am only using one.

In the case that I would be interested in seeing the first one in the Energy screen, I would be happy with the class being set to ‘smart_meter’ or what ever the actual class setting is.

But then, still, the second probe is useless and I don’t need it in any way. Especially on the Energy screen in the ‘smart meter’ section.

Unforfunately, I am not interested in both devices showing up as smart meter, so now I have two useless devices in the energy screen. One showing power that makes sense and one showing “-”.

So I would very much welcome a toggle per relevant device class that allows me to say “do not show in the energy screen”.

BTW @Arie_J_Godschalk I am using AVD which makes a lot more sense to me:


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Hi @RogerSt,

I don’t use any Shelly products, so I can’t say much about it. But maybe it’s possible to use only one probe and/or it depends on the settings of the Shelly EM itself?
However, as you can see on my screenshot, with my Qubino 3-Phase SmartMeter there is also a useless entry in the energy screen:

And a useless device tile in the device screen:

And yes, it would be really nice/necessary to have a switch for including/excluding devices to the energy screen.


Just so we’re clear: we also need Athom to understand that we want the setting for any device type that shows up in the energy tab. As an example: my bluetooth earphones, and a virtual switch device ‘business holiday’ also show up for some reason:



Yes please, this is really big trouble. Energy tab is useles without this possibility!


In addition: I have also devices controlled by my homey (e.g. EV charger at business location) that are not part of my house and so do not draw power from my home but I do control them from my homey.
Really need the “exclude power use” on device or group base.


Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I use this as a workaround to compensate for double measurements.

Create a virtual device and put the “compensation value” of the measurement in it with a flow

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Could you please expand your workaround a little bit where do you set the compensation? I have created a virtual switch but can’t figure out how you are doing the setting to report negative value

Never mind! I figured it out. I used wrong virtual device:) thanks for this clever idea

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It’s actually exactly what the card says, in text add measure power and in the 2nd part add - (minus) and add the tag of the power you want to exclude, so the original device. In that way it will deduct that form the total. In my case it’s the socket "Serverrack (A30), that i select from the tags list

Glad you got it sorted, I did specify a bit more information for others that might want to look into using this too. It’s still a workaround, but does the job.

Sorry I just saw this, I am the author of the group app and I agree 100% it’s super annoying. I have asked Athom couple of times for a way to fix this problem and it’s now even worse with the new energy widgets.

All I can suggest is sending their support team a message letting them know there a bug with their energy - because you can remove devices from its count.


I have 5 Qubino 3 phase smart meters and I very much support the idea to hide/exclude these devices from the energy screen.


I have just submitted this request to Athom and who knows, maybe they will do something with it?

I agree, I use qubino 3 phase meters, and they show up as “smart meters”, making them useless for what I intend to measure (car charger, heat pump, pool heater etc). Homey Energy could sure use some love, since it feels like it hasn’t been updated in ages. We need to be able to configure our devices much more in detail, telling homey which of them are smart meters for the whole house, individual devices etc. They can’t expect the customer to:

  • Hmm I want to measure my 3 phase X device and have it show up in Homey ENergy…
  • First let me check if there is an app for homey bridge/pro… Yes!!!
  • Next, I have to look at the z wave prodocol implementation in the app, to see what profile the manufacturer has chosen, maybe it will work maybe it will not.
    (Two days later, no sleep, lots of coffee…)
  • Gaaah, Qubino has chosen only to incude the smart meter profile, I can’t use it to measure power consumption for my X device… what a total waste of time…

Seriously… Athom, what where you thinking…


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This is just a user forum, no one here can adjust Homey’s firmware, so another waste of your time.
Better reach out to support, to let them know your findings and your view and ideas of how to improve this :ok_hand:
But, that could also be a total waste of time :smirk:

Athom responded to my request.
Translated from Dutch.

Hi Alex,

Thank you for contacting our support and for your thoughts!

I’ve added your suggestion (giving users more control over how they organize their energy overview) internally to our feature request list so we can discuss it with the development team.

I would like to indicate in advance that we cannot give any guarantees as to whether and when your suggestion can be implemented, because a nice roadmap is currently being developed. But in any case, know that your suggestion has been noted and that we will certainly look into it.

Thanks again for your input, it is appreciated!

I wish you a nice day and have fun with Homey!
Vriendelijke groeten,


Hi Alex,

Bedankt dat je contact hebt opgenomen met onze support en voor het meedenken!

Ik heb jouw suggestie (gebruikers meer controle geven omtrent het zelf indelen van hun energieoverzicht) intern toegevoegd aan onze lijst met functieverzoeken, zodat we deze kunnen overleggen met het ontwikkelteam.

Ik wil wel graag alvast aangeven dat we geen garanties kunnen geven of en wanneer je suggestie eventueel geïmplementeerd kan worden, omdat er op dit moment ook al een aardige routekaart aan ontwikkeling ligt. Maar weet in ieder geval dat jouw suggestie genoteerd staat en dat we er zeker naar kijken.

Nogmaals bedankt voor je input, het wordt gewaardeerd!

Ik wens je een fijne dag en veel plezier met Homey!
Best Regards,


Athom Support

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