Suggested feature: enable or disable power of device in the Energy summary tab

Dear Devs,

Like the enable / disable HomeKit (exclude from HomeKit) option in the advanced settings of a device, it could be very interesting to have the same option to take in account (or not) the power W (measure_power) of a device in the Energy tab.

Sometimes I use Virtual Device to split or group power of some device. In that case, the power is taken many times in the Energy tab and the summary is no more “good” (it’s working as the is the sum of all devices).

Thanks in advance.
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Dear user,
The Athom devs are not very active on this forum (if at all), so you can better ask for such things in the appropriate support channel(s).

Discussion about this already here

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And thus lets continue in that Thread.
So I will close this one, if you disagree with this decision feel free to contact me or any other moderator.