Qees retro plugin dimmer failed to add

When adding a Qees dimmer using the app.
It tells me to add te dimmer by pushing the button 3 times. The app seems to recognize the action of the dimmer but give me the error.

And what is the type number of the device?


  • P313B - Plugin dimmer

Thats why i asked, saw that there was only 1 type supported.

You could try remove it first

Zwave-remove device

It’s a new device. So there is nothing to remove. Isn’t it supported at all, or can I add it another way. There seems to be a sort of menu within the device itself.

There are even devices where the manual states that u need to remove the device first , before adding it. Even if it was never connected to any controller at all!
Here u can see a howto.

When added without an app the device will only have the on/off capability. No menu from the device itself will be added without an app!