Remove devices

Hi, I have several Namron dimmers and switches with Namron buttons switches (2 channels and 4 channels). I had to deliver back some Namron buttons due to problems. I did not remove them from the Homey app before I went to the store. Then the store just reseted the devices and handed them back to me. So when I arrived back home and I was gonna connect the devices again they were still on the Homey app. So I tried to remove them but I just recieved the message «this is not the correct device». I want to remove them, any suggestions? The devices (Namron buttons for lights) are z-wave protocoll.

Go to > tools > z-wave. klick on the three dots on the device you like to delete/remove. select “test” and wait the for result. than klick the three dots again an select “remove”.

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It worked! Thank you!