Connecting namron z-wave 4 channel switch k8

Hello, I am new here. Today I am struggling with connecting devices. I added few dimmers to homey and one controller. Made the flows and looks like no problem. But i have bought 4 same type controllers to control 5 dimmers ( these dimmers are in 2 rooms and want to have switches in both sides of the rooms), when I try to add 2nd controller nothing happens… i push both I and O buttons, blue light appear but no action in app… Whats strange that when I add first switch the message shows me how to add device, when I try to add the 2nd switch the message starts ‘‘to remove…’’ How i can add 2nd switch???

I had insane problems at first adding zwave wall switches. Until I believe someone here told med hold the homey right next to the switch/device during pairing.

Adding something in another room or more then 2 meters away was impossible.

This although is not true when it comes to zigbee at least for me.

I was pairing my switch siting by the side of homey, so that is not an issue I believe. On my very first attempt to connect 2nd switch I hold I and O buttons too long and it deleted first switch… That was also very strange… The strangest thing for me is: when I press add device and find my 8 button z-wave switch - at the top it writes add z-wave device but below it starts to remove the device… Anyway I press I and O buttons on the switch and blue light indicates that device is in inclusion mode but app wont do nothing…

Found the solution. Before adding the switch I need to reset it by holding I and O buttons for 10 s. Then it was possible to add it :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’ll need to press the topmost 1 and 0 buttons two times during the pairing, then it works. It’s a bit fidget-y to get them added but seems to work fine.