Remove orphan devices

Hi guys,
I had a Homey Bridge but returned it due to consideration of getting a pro. So no homey is online now.
I seem to have a 5 z-wave items still hooked up to my “profile” which Im having issues removing.

Error message when trying to remove is basically “Something went wrong”…
Don’t seem to be able to remove it via the developer GUI either…

Any suggestions?

Your Homey Pro will be another than the Homey (beta) you now have. So you have to start over in a new Home with Zones, Devices, Flows etc.
Don’t worry.

Maybe if you remove the App for that device it will remove the Device from your Homey (beta).

Ok, have no apps installed but have tons of flows for the beta right now so would prefer just to remove the faulty devices…is there anyway of doing this…web API?

Enter device name and look for the bin icon. Pressing that should delete the device. In case there’s no match, consider entering z-wave or zwave, or just the device type (switch, sensor, light etc.) in the search bar until you see something recognizable


I can see them all in the list but there are no bin icon on the zwave devices I would like to remove… icon is only shown on my shelly sockets that I want to keep…

Your Homey is in the cloud so it is online. Just your Bridge isn’t there and Homey is waiting for the Bridge to return or being replaced to restore the bridge configuration.
If there is no app for the Z-Wave devices i thinkt only adding a bridge can remove them.

Was hoping the web api or something could remove the devices…

Well, allthough what Geurt wrote is logical, but who’ll think of removing devices and apps prior to removing the bridge?

A longshot, but you can try:

Otherwise I’d suggest creating a zone like z_Crap or z_Debris and move the devices into it.
The zone is sort of hidden, while it’s placed below other zones.

Found this, you’ll never know: