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Delete devices

Now it has been a while since I bought my Homey. I already wrote in the previous forum and asked but did not get any help.

I’m having trouble removing devices in homey. This has been since I bought it and wish for an immediate action on a very annoying problem!

When I click the cross in the upper right corner to remove a device and wait the time. (The device will be automatically removed when it can not be found), an error message will appear: “vdevice.drivers.zwavebasic.pair.response_timeout”.

Is there any solution to this problem ?! Please help!

Can u tell us which firmware ur running on Homey?

Did you also remove your Zwave device in your Homey settings or only in de dashboard devices part?
Go to ‘settings’’ and look in the left part of the screen for ‘Z-wave’. There you can remove a Z-wave device from the network. Just click on 'remove the device’and you should see a list of your Z-wave devices.


Ok. This issue was solved in the latest 1.5.13-rc.11 experimental fw.

When do this go in to a stable firmware? It´s almost a year I got my Homey now…

And I can´t install experimental what it seems.

Here is ur answer. I know as much as u do.