Removing offline devices causes other random devices to be removed

I recently tried to remove a broken Octan NODON from my z-wave network, but it returned an error on the ‘remove device’ screen.

So I clicked remove again, several times, which also threw errors until I gave up. Later I found out that several OTHER random devices were actually removed from the network (some Qubino dimmers, motion sensors, etc).

Which is of course annoying, because I have to re-add them again, which is a lot of work as they are all built into the walls. This sounds like something that should not be possible me. Any ideas what could have caused this?

If something is not working the way you think it should work, then don’t click around and be surprised you did destroy things, you better do a refresh page or restart the App and/or Homey with a PtP (pull the plug for 10 min.). I ones did, by mistake, a complete z-wave reset, indeed I had to include all my z-wave devices, well, it keeps you from the street!! “Soon” there will be a BackUp function, so you can restore all you have deleted :wink:

I did experience the same.
Some time ago I did try to remove a fibaro dimmer.
Instead there was a total different switch removed.
Homey did detect that itself because. It says: “oeps, it looks like a different device is removed”

Same here, had that several times. Very annoying! Had repair a lot of flows. Have to say I’m still on 3.1.0 (didn’t update after your reports of the memory problems/startup delays) so I don’t know if this is solved in newer versions. @Wiebe which firmware are you running?

Hope 4.0 will be release soon, so future f*ckups like these can be solves by simply restoring the latest back-up.