Problem with multiple results in one flow

I have build an advanced flow in which two different results from to different, sequential http get requests need to be processed. However, both results are available as tag “result”, but both tags contain the result of the first http get request.

Request 1:

Request 2 (also showing result of request 1 as result):

Is there a way to make the tag result available again? Or to rename tags?


Am I right you translate a German forecast into English per

You ask Openweather to respond in German:

Isn’t it possible to use lang=en instead of lang=de in the openweather api call, to get an English response right away?

Good point, but not quite accurate. open weather gives a summary (of the daily weather), which is in English regardless of the language preference in the http request.
So, I am trying to translate this summary from English to German.
But the result of the transactions http request contains the result of the open weather http request, and I assume this is because both have the same name/tag… Interestingly, one could assume that the later, 2nd request simply overwrites the content (which would be fine), but this is not the case…

Ah, I see it now

No time now to dive into your issue

No worries - if you do find time later I would appreciate it.

For now, there is the obvious work-around of splitting thing into different flows, which I have done previously, but of could I would rather like to avoid that…

It might help to set up two flows. The first gets the data from your request, it would then kick off the second flow using the received data as a parameter. I’m guessing that two requests in the same flow might be creating context issues.


I think you mistakenly selected the “Antwort” tag from the first (openweather) http get card on the Logic “parse” card.

When you hover the “Antwort” tag, the http get card which provides for that tag, starts to glow blue-ish, and the tag icon starts to ‘wiggle’

It gets more clear when you temporary remove the line between the http get cards, when I’m right, the “Antwort” tag in the Logic ‘Parse’ card, starts to show as “Unavailable”.
In that Logic card, select the ‘Antwort’ tag again from the “this flow” part of the dropdown. When you first hover it, the http get card for deepl should start to glow blue-ish and the tag symbol wiggling


I hope this animation makes the ‘blue’ thing a bit more clear:
Peek 2024-01-31 19-26

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Thanks a lot for the excellent description - I hadn’t realized the hovering effect yet!

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