Advanced flow HTTP Get - Result tag not available

I’ve created a flow that performs a http get and get the result back.
I added a converter to catch the result, but the Result tag is not in the list.

How do I get the result of the HTTP get call ?

“Resultaat” is a text tag, not a number/ja/nee tag, so you’re using the wrong converter card.

“Resultaat” is also the tag from your convertion card, not your tags (“antwoord and result”, I believe) from your get request card.
You need a the “read [text] as json…” card.
Or if the result card isn’t JSON you’ll need a HomeyScript (Code Card) to convert it yourself.
There might be an app that can also help, i believe there is 1 for XML convertion.

Thanks ! that helped, turns out there are two http cards, one that puts the response in a label and one that does not.
On the one that does there is a grey label icon…
I had picked the wrong one.

Fijn dat het gelukt is.

Ik ben naar hetzelfde aan het kijken. Zou je de werkende flow kunnen delen?

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