Using HTTP Request - how to get and use the HTTP status codes

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I’m building a flow using the HTTP Request app.
What I want to achieve is doing a HTTP GET and build a condition flow based on the HTTP status codes (like 200 or 404).

First hurdle:
I’m using the HTTP Request app and I’m using the card “HTTP request flow cards” GET
In the “Text” field I have:
http://www.(myTag).com” (my tag is, let’s say “Google”)

When testing this, I’m getting:
“Missing Tag in flow card”
I’m using a string variable in Better Logic for the tag, which has the value of “Google”.
I have also tried just the whole URL:
But same error.

If I can get this to work, I would like to use a condition, based on the HTTP status code to determine the next step.

Does anyone have a sample HTTP Request flow with something similar I can look at?
I’ve search this forum and I did find a number of examples, the majority were POST and interacting with JSON.


Can u post the flow here?
Now we have to guess that ur using something like www.(tag is called google) .com.
Showing a pic of the flow tells us so much more then a 1000 words.

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Ah, good point, I will add a picture next time.

In the meantime I figured it out, now using the C20 “HTTP Get code” card in the “AND” condition.
Seems that it was built for that purpose.


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