Problem with installing Develco device

I am trying to install a Develco EMI Norwegian HAN on my Homey Pro. Everything looks good when installing a driver, but this takes a very long time. When I interrupted after 2 hours I had a problem with 2 zigbee sensors (Aqara Thermometer and hygrometer). Does anyone have an idea of what might be wrong?

Perhaps the Zigbee stack crashed during pairing. Did you reboot Homey, or remove it from power for a few minutes?

I had to restart to get the Aqara sensors reinstalled. After that I have not dared to try again.

I have tried to restart, then try to install. The app displays “Adding a ZIGBEE device.” and the message “Wait while the device is being added.”. This message just hangs and nothing happens. When I interrupted after an hour, at least I had no problem with the other ZIBEE devices this time. Has anyone experienced anything similar?