Problem to add z-wave device: TIMEDOUT


I’m new user with HP23.

I have a eedomus+ and will migrate my home automation to the Homey, but I have a problem with z-wave.

I’m trying to add my first z-wave device, but got an error : (in french: Quelque chose s’est mal passé lors de l’ajout de l’appareil : ETIMEDOUT (5:write)) - (in english: something went wront when adding the device: ETIMEDOUT (5:write)). It happends without delay.

It happend on z-wave button from Homey Device, and same problem with Fibaro App and Coolcam App.

I tryied to restart Homey, and got this message first: “Veuillez attendre que z-wave soit prêt”, and 5sec later “z-wave timeout after 5000ms”.

And after that, when I try another time, get the message ETIMEDOUT (5:write).

My version is: 10.0.0-rc.122

Is there a problem with my z-wave chip?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Nicolas,

I am facing the same issue as you. Have you managed to resolve it? If yes, how did you resolve this issue?

Thank you.




Yes, I did a hard reboot : unplug power supply, and replug after a few time.

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