Problem reading i json-string

I have i json-string that i want homey to read, but its not consistent.

the string is

	"Temperature": {
			"870000042FD3A828": 19.2500,
			"BB000002D6514A28": 17.6875,
			"E6000002D639BA28": 16.0000,
			"FB00000399392628": 16.0000,
			"1500000399553128": 18.9375,
			"B6000002D6787F28": 17.3125,
			"90000002D6875C28": 18.8750,
			"A1000002D63E1728": 19.3125,
			"940000039943CF28": 16.2500

and i get error on three of the rows

The error message for the tree are


Anyone have a cue whats wrong?

Delete the ones that show an error, and add the other ones one by one.

Try Temperature['87000etc']

It’s very consistent: the ones that are failing is where the part after Temperature. starts with a digit.

Thank you @robertklep

That helped

You are a genuis with eyes

Thanks @Rmb to for your time