JSON parsing help

Dear all experts - I literally read every JSON related thread in here and I am still unable to get it…

I tried Json Path online valuator and what I did should work but it doesnt…

This is my answer to a GET request:

{“target_t”:{“enabled”:true,“value”:19.5,“value_op”:8.0,“units”:“C”,“accelerated_heating”:true},“schedule”:false,“schedule_profile”:1,“schedule_profile_names”:[“Livingroom”,“Livingroom 1”,“Bedroom”,“Bedroom 1”,“Holiday”],“schedule_rules”:[“0600-0123456-23”,“2300-0123456-18”],“temperature_offset”:0.0,“ext_t”:{“enabled”:true, “floor_heating”: false},“t_auto”:{“enabled”:true},“boost_minutes”:30,“valve_min_percent”:0.00,“force_close”:false,“calibration_correction”:true,“extra_pressure”:false,“open_window_report”:false}

Enclosed you can find my try to parse the target_t.value:

I tried:

After the flow test the variable contains the complete json…

Thank you for your help in advance!

You’re using the wrong card at the end, the one that’s meant to change the JSON data instead of extracting data from it.

You need to use this one:

… I was sure that it would be that easy … :man_facepalming:
Thanks a lot!