Read data from Json http link


I want to read data from JSON http link ( I don’t want to show this link) with this values:

“nextfull”:“2023-12-29 21:54:39”,
“lastempty”:“2023-12-29 14:57:47”,
“datatime”:“2023-12-29 22:06:14”

I want to read percent value and make Virtual device to show this value.

Someone please help me with correct flow to this task.

Best regards

There’s many json topics, didn’t you find any?


I found many but I don’t found what I am looking for or I don’t understand how it works:(

I know that I need to make flow with logic Get Json and add url. Next Logic Parse but I really need someone to make flow with my example step by step.

Could You help ?

Just search for tesy boiler topic.
I have create a complete topic with a how to :wink:


I will search.

But maybe You can write what parse commend to use with my case? I am using $.measurement.percent or measurement[“percent”] or measurement[‘percent’] or measurment.percent but nothing works


I tried .percent and it works:)