[Pro][Dashboard] SmartDash - a dashboard for Homey

to be evaluated

if this work, next step is add the volume limit and an option for setting cover in fullscreen or thumb

it works :+1: Somehow I think less fast than I used to see some times (but it is not slow anyway)

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  • dummy: must use to setup a screen; quite complex to use the different widgets in multiple formats in one screen

  • generic device: showing status windows and solar system

  • homey image: Sonos (now in Speaker widget) and Ring doorbell

  • iframe: for external weather widgets

  • insight: usage water, gas, electricity and room temperature

  • jsonvariable: show RSS news headlines with RSS reader

  • light: yes

  • Lightrgb: yes (maybe integrate with light)

  • separator: titles (would Title be a better name?)

  • speaker: Sonos

Not using

  • alert
  • clock (is normally on top of the screen)
  • blind/curtain: I use virtual devices to open blinds partly
  • comfort sensor: no usage for generic smileys and status text
  • fan: no devices
  • lock: no devices
  • powerwall: no Tesla but other brand electric car using Zappi power wall
  • presencesensor: no device
  • sensor: use Generic capability for sensors because more options
  • smsensor: no device
  • socket: I use light widget for light sockets
  • solar panel: now using generic capability, but I could you solar panel instead using less space
  • test: not using
  • timeline: using to much space
  • thermostat: using to much space; widget needs rework for slider
  • thsensor: same as solar panel
  • videoplayer: no usage
  • virtual button: could be a future use; now I call a virtual device with advanced flow logic
  • virtual camera: no usage
  • weather: can’t configure what to see: KNMI is supported, but has a lot of parameters to select


  • combine a few options that are almost the same, and use parameters combining these
  • switch the Widget title and device in a widget setup screen: first select device and this will automatically fill in the widget name that can be changed manually.

Using (yes, I copied this :joy: and changed it of course)

  • clock: because this I can make bigger then the one on top of the screen (some other templates would be fun)
  • iframe: for external weather widget
  • light: yes. This is the main reason I started → using smart plugs and no easy control - now in SmartDash.
  • Lightrgb: yes
  • separator: titles (would Title be a better name?)
  • speaker: Google Nest Audio
  • virtual button: love this one :slight_smile:
    • Start different apps on tablet (thanks to Fully Kiosk; Spotify, NOS Teletekst and main page of Fully). Of course I return after some short time to SmartDash :slight_smile:
    • A self-made ‘contact-request’ option (flow in Homey). So my children can contact me (yes, they have a phone, but this was fun to make). Working with Telegram and Google-speakers.
    • For Spotify playlists - 12 widgets (variable determines which playlist to play)
    • For InTune Radiostations - 6 widgets

Not using

  • alert
  • blind/curtain:
  • comfort sensor:
  • dummy:
  • fan: no devices
  • generic device: not using
  • homey image: was thinking about it for Google-speaker bit would not work and now in speaker
  • insight: not a use-case yet
  • jsonvariable: good use from Amersfoort; didn’t copy it yet. Also maybe going to use it with Ical calendar.
  • lock: no devices
  • powerwall:
  • presencesensor: no device
  • sensor:
  • smsensor:
  • socket: I use light widget for light sockets
  • solar panel:
  • test: not using
  • timeline: used it but removed. Probably will add it soon again
  • thermostat:
  • thsensor:
  • videoplayer: no usage
  • virtual camera: no usage
  • weather: using iframe. This widget difficult to configure what to see


  • switch the Widget title and device in a widget setup screen: first select device and this will automatically fill in the widget name that can be changed manually. (I agree that is why I did not remove this from my copy)
  • Maybe a bit more eyecandy (like the widgets from Arduino-page)

Thankyou to answer!
In every widget what has a device if you change the device it put the device name in device title (if it is empty).
Do you want that the system replace the title every time you change the device?

I think only copy the device name to device title if title is empty.

But this is present from first release :thinking:

First choose Device and Capability, than Title will be filled in automatically and can be overwritten. Currently you first fill in the Title.

Nice SmartDash characteristics

  • stable software
  • good response
  • small footprint
  • a lot of features/possibilities
  • active maintenance and development

Summary of suggestions (because of your question about usage yesterday)

  • usability; there have already been some improvements (CSS setup more accessible), but still a lot of steps to setup something
  • more info/setup in one screen = less scrolling. The target user seems to be a user with a small screen and low resolution
  • more menu driven options, less CSS
  • less widgets; hard to choose one because of the overlap in functionality

Please read the above as the involvement of an enthusiastic SmartDash user.

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ok you talk about order of compilation

v0.240611.1 - release 1.4.59

  • Renamed SeparatorWidget in TitleWidget
  • Moved title after device selection
  • Changed background color selection (working in progress for add more colors)
  • Little optimizations for landscape version
  • Bugs fix

v0.240611.1 uuhhhh…?

Until now the screen was:

i miss a file, fix in releasing

Thanx for your quick response. It looks normal again.

Very Good! You use tablet in wall?

Yes, on the wall.

I can see several improvements for landscape screens. Nice!

I figured out how to make a good speaker playbar, showing the current playing time of a song even one has paused the song before. Maybe you can combine this with the max. volume option. I am using it for displaying the songtext of the song playing.

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v0.240612.6 - release 1.4.61

  • Added ability to set max volume in SpeakerWidget
  • Added ability to change widgets textcolor
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First of all, my compliments for this beautiful project! I bought an NSpanel pro and installed SmartDash on it. Is there a way to operate the NSpanel pro remotely so that you don’t have to type everything in via the small keyboard? For example, the API key is not easy to do via the screen. Can someone explain this to me?

Hi, thankyou!
edit i read wrong :rofl:

You can set it in a smartphone, make a backup, send the backup by bluetooth in NsPanelPro and restore it

You cannot send files via Bluetooth with an iPhone. Is there no way to get remote control via browser over IP address?