[Pro][Dashboard] SmartDash - a dashboard for Homey

To be honest I was thinking why :thinking: :blush: before I see it. But I like the change :+1:

Now I have to ‘redesign’ my operational dashboard :thinking: :joy:

:rofl: sorry, I can do it! no problem :slight_smile:

the artist

<div class="track">Does Your Mother Know</div>
<div class="artist">ABBA</div>

the time bar

<div class="duration"><div class="fl">1.25</div><div class="fr">3.13</div></div>

the duration bar

<div class="range position"><input class="slide" type="range"></div>

the volume bar

<div class="buttons"><div class="button volume_mute"><span class="mdi mdi-"></span></div></div>
<div class="range"><input class="slider volume" type="range"></div>

I don’t like this because the dashboard should not be changed often

In next update i try to set a size more adeguate for 16/10 aspect ratio

let’s put it on standby, we’ll see in the future

Now should be ok


:+1: I wanted to do it

Those are straight forward answers I was looking for.

What do you mean by :+1: for the suggestion below: you want to make a hyperlink or you want the json file?

v 0.240517.1

  • Others optimization for the GenericSpeaker Widget
  • Fixed Widget alphabetic order
  • Tried to fixed 16/10 landscape layout

I’ll add all the icons as soon as i can

The playtime is very accurate :joy:.


Updated the nspanel pro version, @Kringloper check if now is less precise

Yes, much easier to read now :wink:. My Sonos info isn’t updated, but also not within Homey so Sonos probably broke something with the new app of them.

Probably already there in previous version: when I change the volume, song is named 'Diffusion: something' and artist set to Spotify. After some time the right names appear.

OK, never mind; this also happens in Homey. But refreshes faster so less obvious

The 16:10 format is an improvement: less unusable space and an extra row in enduser panels. All widgets went well, only the renewed Speaker widget was a mess with the ‘old’ CSS. After changing the CSS it is oke again.

Horizontal 4x2 default theme looks like this (with extra long titles for song and artist):
Only the image placeholder size and location I can’t manage well. Tips?

it’s like others icons

<div class="state"><span class="mdi mdi-"></span></div>

v 0.240517.3

  • Others optimization for the SpeakerWidget

Have set up an aqara G4 to show video feed when the doorbell is pressed. But the video takes 5-10 seconds to load when the panel turns on. Is it possible to get it to load the feed when the variable to put it in to full screen is set?

Also a request to support device type:

  • AC (thermostat but with fan😂)

Could use some help with CSS. I am using the widget VirtualButton with variable (boolean). In my case the variable is used to control Fully Kiosk (open another app).
When widget is used it shows kind of a glow (also used in widgets when lights are turned on). How can I get rid of that glow?

this should work

.on .content .state { text-shadow: none }

the lock device has the locked capability. if you change it to false it open the door lock?