[PRO][Dashboard] HDashboards a dashboard system fully focussed on Homey

I would really like to use i-frames, to display Grafana graphs like these ↓ in HDashboards

There already is a feature request for this. So please vote for it, if you also like this feature :slight_smile:

Thermostaat vs Airco,
I want to display and control my thermostaat and airco in HDashboard.
In the Homey App the look the same and control is the same.
But in HDashboard, the airco is ok but the thermostaat not :frowning:

Homey App:

The Thermostaat is an OTGW device [APP][Pro] OpenTherm GateWay MQTT
The Airco is an ESPhome device
Anny idea how to fix?

The problem is dat hdashboards doesn’t use html nor css. So iframe is not a possibility. There should be a service that turns iframe into an image then it works.

Menno, I assume that what you pass in a flow token can be a number or a string - correct?

So if I want to display the number 32.02 as 32% then I would need to change that in my Homey Flow and then pick that modified variable when adding the card in Hdashboards.

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Hmm that is rather disappointing, but I’ll look into it. Thanks.

OK, Thats done. Here is a Pic of my Solar Dashboard. Any view on how long it might take to get the Flow Token card fixed?

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Expect to push the update Wednesday evening to the play and app store.

That would be great. Thanks for doing this promptly Menno. Will that cover the web app as well that I use to build the dashboards.

Yes :). Web version gets updated even faster. Since apps need approval from apple and google.


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Yes :). Web version gets updated even faster. Since apps need approval from apple and google.

@Menno_van_Hout I realised that I have been a bit mixed in what I post on this forum vs your FB group. So if you agree from now on I will only post positive messages on FB and post all technical questions etc on here. Also I have some thoughts etc about improving the performance of the dashboard. Should I have that conversation here or either FB messenger or private messages through this forum.

One question:
Can you place the title of a card over two lines? I know it wraps around if the text is too long but it’s not centered. Will the card interpret /n

Interesting. Ignore my FB message. I found out that when you put the web designer in dark mode you cant see the top line with the edit symbol etc.
Actually now even in Light Mode these icons have disappeared. I have to guess where they are. After I changed from Dark to Light they appeared but then they disappeared again.

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Looks promising. However, in my opinion a dashboard needs different swipable panels. That is a basic requrement. Just having one big mess of a screen with boxes like the official Homey app is useless to me, that has many different devices. I want a smarter way to organize it.

Google “smart home dashboard”, there are many wonderful UX designs out there.

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You can? You can make little dashboards and 1 main one with buttons to other dashboards. This way you can perfectly nest them in all your preferred choices. Soon there will be a swipe feature as well. Its in our open feature requests.

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