Presence Sensor Wenzhou

Bought 2 pcs of this radar sensor because its ceiling mounting and 230v power supply suits me.

It says it is working with tuya app, but so far no succes. It is added as a generic Zigbee device.

I tried the tuya experimental app with the radar sensor.

Any other sugestions to try?

This is the sensor:

Maybe you wanted to buy the wifi version?
A presence sensor on Zigbee isn’t a good idea btw. It can be very chatty, and clog your Zigbee mesh.

If uncle Ali says it’s supported by the Tuya app, you’re wrong I’m afraid;
They don’t mean the Homey app, they mean the mobile Tuya Smart app, and you’ll need a Tuya Zigbee hub.
From the link you posted:

And, please read this topic about the big issue with Tuya Zigbee devices and Homey:

What you can try for now: install the Tuya Zigbee test version of this Homey app, it supports many new devices and devicetypes.

If it still doesn’t work:

  • Request for support, first read the first post here; this can take a while
  • return the sensor, and first check which sensors are supported before the purchase
  • buy a Tuya Zigbee hub (€10‐15), and connect it with the Tuya Cloud app to Homey, and/or request for support here, the new Tuya app by Athom

Excellent, thanks for the decent reply! The test version of the app did not bring a solution. I will try to find a better sensor…

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Aqara FP2 works, but it’s quite expensive. But is has multiple independent zones