Power measure induction hob

No, if you connect your stove the wrong way, it gets 400V where it expects 230V. That will definitely blow your stove away.

I don’t see that OP has ever asked for a “plug in” solution, the “socket” in the picture is for fixed installation.

Has nobody here heard of current clamps?

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Obviously, but is there anything to suggest that the OP doesn’t understand that?

He has no room in the fuse box.

Yes, because he interpretes the scema’s in the wrong way. And should use a Voltage meter to be make sure installation is done as documented. Read this thread from the beginning, and you will see.

Yes I have.

It’s been suggested, but you still connect the phase lines to the meter and in this case need a meter that handles more than one phase, and finally have a place to fit the meter.

I have read it from the beginning, my reply is the first one in the thread. Still don’t see anything to indicate a misunderstanding on his part. The schematic in the first picture is stupid but that’s to the shame of the stove manufacturer, whether you call it 2-phase or 3-phase, he has identified the correct installation option for his situation.
How do you know that he wasn’t going to use a voltmeter?

I can see your a better adviser and I am sure you and Damian will find a solution. So I will leave it up to you.

Thank you gentlemen for all your observations and comments. Of course, we know that electricity is nothing to joke about and I have no intention of messing with the installation myself. My hob is already connected by an electrician. I am only looking for a device compatible with Homy to measure electricity consumption. Next, if I have any suggestions, I will present them to the electrician and then a decision will be made on how he will install it.
Before I created this thread, the only thing that caught my eye was the Aeotec HEM measurement, and I was convinced that this would be the main topic of discussion about whether it is suitable or not, or another one that I don’t know and haven’t seen.
So if you still have any ideas on what device I could use, let me know. I have space in the kitchen in the cupboard and under the cabinets where I can make a small box for the device. There is no room in the fuse board, unless it is 1 DIN wide, then I will throw away the bell which I don’t use anyway.
Thank you for your care and safety.

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The Aeotec is roughly equivalent to the Shelly devices that have been suggested, except it isn’t intended for DIN mounting as far as I can see.
Attaching the current transformers is probably the tricky bit, they’re a bit unwieldy. That will be an issue regardless if you place it in the fuse central or near the hob.
Shelly 3EM seem to fit in one DIN position, as does the Pro 3EM.
If there’s room, I think rerouting the cable to the hob and put a small DIN box for a meter without current transformers will be the easiest.
In the end though, an experienced electrician that is on site can generally come up with better solutions than some random guys on a forum that has no idea about the situation in your house.
Show pictures of the different kinds of meters and let him figure out which one is best suited, functionally they should be similar once they’re installed.

maybe : HomeWizard Energy - HomeWizard

Because you don’t specify which device you mean, your information is not really useful.
The only suitable device from Homewizard for this use case is the Wi-Fi kWh meter 3-phase MID and this was already linked in the second post.