Dinrail energy measuring solutions

I like to monitor my energy consumption in my fusebox. I have an EV wich has its own 3phase group and I like to monitor some outputs of my heatpump, heat recovery system etc.

Currently I’m using two shelly 1pm on dinrail mount with some Wago clamps. It works but its a bit of a mess with all the wires. The 3 phase group I’m not monitoring yet.

What are all the current sollutions to measure energy, Homey compatible offcourse.

I looked at some qubino smartmeters allthough the 3 phase energy monitor looks promising its not yet added to the Homey app. But the 16A power meters are 100 euros and a bit to expensive for my situation.

What I would like is a din rail mounted device with power measurement, I don’t care about relais only measuring.

*the clamp solutions will do the trick I guess but I think it is a mess with alle the clamps attached to all the groups