Power measure induction hob

How to measure power consumption in a 3-phase induction hob. The connection is as shown in the diagram.
Opera Zrzut ekranu_2023-11-02_130753_www.google.com

Something like this meter installed in the fuse box. Or perhaps this one. I believe both are supported by apps on Homey.

That would actually be a 2-phase connection.
Anyway, Shelly has power metering for 1-3 phases, for example:


Edit: correct product

Hm, if you can’t interpret the drawing correctly, then you should keep your hands off it at all.


I fully agree. You should be able to questioning the schema, as in the top it says 400V and on the bottom it shows 230V. Ra ra ra How is that possible?:grin:

The 400V is the Voltage between the Fases L1 and L2. Nothing special.

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That is always the case. But between L1 and N it is 230V. And between L2 and N it is also 230 V.
However it looks like the hob is not connected to 3 fase in triangle nor star. It is a so called “kookgroep”, a special Dutch facility for connections without 3 phases. It uses 1 phase, connected twice by 2 groups of 16 ampere. It needs two wires for L1 and two wires for N (2N).


That device from Shelly is only suitable for two loads driven from the same phase, which may not be the case here. I’m not sure if Shelly has any switch approved for 3-phase (400V), the one’s I’ve seen are only intended to switch multiple loads on a single phase.

Shelly Plus 1 PM (Mini) Dit is een stroom meet module, dus geen schakelaar. 2 van deze modules gebruiken zou ook kunnen, deze zijn16A per stuk.

Shelly Plus 1 PM (Mini) This is a current measuring module, so no switch. You could also use 2 of these modules, they are 16A each.

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It shows the connection diagram in my country, it looks different in different countries. Why do you assume I shouldn’t touch it? I’m looking for a device that can measure consumption, not instructions on how to connect it.

That’s not the point.

Because from the drawing you didn’t realize that it’s an electrical device (induction stove) with 2 phases, but you asked for a measuring device for 3 phases. This led me to the assumption that you have too little knowledge of this matter.
What I wrote wasn’t an insult, but a hint/warning that it’s dangerous to work on electrical devices if you don’t know anything about them.

It is just an advice. You can ignore. However until now you have not given any indication that you understand the topic and the discussion. On the contrary, as you apparently are not aware you have to disconnect the hob to connect the measurement device. So it is not a bad advice.
So let’s start from the beginning: is there one or three phases coming into your home?

Ok I see. I know exactly that it’s about checking the power consumption of the induction hob. I think there was a misunderstanding. In Poland, such a connection is commonly called 3-phase.

This is what my induction hob connection socket looks like.
Opera Zrzut ekranu_2023-11-03_111536_www.google.com

As I haven’t yet seen a wallplug for 3 phase, another question is if you have an idea where to measure the power. In the connection socket or in the central distribution/fuse box?

Unfortunately, I don’t have space for any device in the fuse box. This must be fitted between this socket and the induction hob.

I think this will definitely end up in a disaster.
As indeed the part of the sticker you are showing is a 2 phase stove (2N~ = 2 Phases and a Neutral, Alternating current) as mentioned before.
Some 2 phase stoves can be connected in 3 phase, but definitely not all.
The wall socket will be the same for the 2 phase and 3 phase, just connected differently.

But judging your pictures you also don’t know what your are looking at and you are assuming, as the colors you show don’t align with what the actual phase should be (brown = L1, black = L2, Grey = L3) and thus hope you’ll never connect a motor in your live unless you want to buy a new motor. (not sure if stoves care about the order, also called phase rotation).

As for an actual answer, don’t think there are easy ways to measure a 2 or 3 phase stove besides putting it in the main distribution panel, as the connection from the stove is 99% of the time directly to the main distribution panel, no boxes in between or anything and no space inside that socket’s box to do so.

Ok, let’s arrange everything again, because we won’t reach an agreement.
My socket looks like in the picture and the connection in my induction hob looks like this. I opened it especially now to take this photo.
Opera Zrzut ekranu_2023-11-03_111536_www.google.com

Anyway, you have to make a box with a male and female connector (probably not allowed) interconnect the connectors 1 to 1 and add the energy meter. Then the discussion over 2 or 3 phase is not important, as all 3 phase are measured. Just like your main energy meter in the fuse box.
How to connect the energy meter is in the manual of the meter.

Lot’s of fear mongering in this thread and a lot of uncalled for negativity towards the OP.
No problem with hooking up your stove here, but the only way to measure this is using a permanently mounted meter. If it doesn’t fit in the fusebox you will have to place a separate enclosure for the meter. As I don’t think there will be room behind the stove so it will probably have to be next to the fusebox.