“Energy meter” for Homey

Good evening everyone, I installed a Shelly em and since I should measure the consumption in watts of 4 other circuits I would like to know if there is any cheap alternative to the Shelly EM that integrates perfectly with homey, do you know anything?

Thank you

You can use the Smart Wall Plugs (Shelly Plug S) with energy consumption measurement, as well as the Shelly 1PM to measure consumtion of connected devices.

No, I need aperometric calipers like Shelly em, I have to put it in the electrical panel to check the various circuits

I’m also looking for this, but I have looked at the EMPORIA VUE: GEN 2 3-PHASE WITH 16 SENSORS, to get full control of the consumption in our house. Both measure the incoming mains and the individual groups to be able to pinpoint the consumption.

Any one know if this is supporter or if there is any plans for this?

I have not found any other meters with this kind of multi sensor setup.

Good solution, but is it integrable in homey?

I looked for an Emporia integration on other platforms, but I would not count on it…

  • Emporia uses only cloud access
  • It’s not documented and only implemented via reverse engineering
  • Emporia made access difficult (rate limited), so you won’t get real time data
  • Not sure if Emporia will close API access for smart home systems
  • No comment from Emporia in their blog on user requests for an open API
  • The meter device uses MQTT internally to communicate with the Emporia server. User requested a local MQTT access - no answer from Emporia

So this is a cloud only hacky API access. Not easy to implement and to maintain.
I have therefore distanced myself from it.

It’s definitely the best choice, it would have been very interesting

I have the Vue 2 (2 of them actually, they can be chained to cover more circuits), and it does a good job. Sad to hear of their lack of interest in opening their API. I may very well try to hack it myself - but can’t support anyone but myself given the above. I don’t mind depending on a hacky interface where I can reach into the guts and tinker; but I surely don’t want to support others on such a shaky foundation.


There is an unofficial API there, for Emporia: PyEmVue/api_docs.md at master · magico13/PyEmVue · GitHub

There are many zigbee devices that can do that. Some will be supported directly from Homey. For others you need a seperate zigbee hub. Zigbee2MQTT has the best and most device support. It runs on an rPi. Support in Homey is available with the zigbee2mqtt Homey app.

See here for a list of supported (power) devices: