POST or GET Call

I want to log certain values to my website to show graphs and generate statistics over time. How to arrange that?
I like to use a post or get.

  • WHEN “Every … seconds”
  • THEN “Make a web request”

But to generate graphs and statistics, it might be worthwhile to take a look at the Prometheus app.

Thanks Robert,
Promotheus looks like an overkill for what I want. And it also looks like a lot of couplings to set up between Homey, Promotheus, Grafana…
I have a solar boiler and programmed an Arduino to post some temperature data to a MySQL Database that is working like a charm.
What I now want is to let my Plugwise Smile post the gas-usage data to this website, so I can see if the solar boiler or the central heating system heats my hot water :wink:
And after a while I like to know if this data helps me optimizing the system.
And as my PV panel overproduce, maybe put an electrical heating element in the 500 liter tank to heat it up, which I think is efficient in spring and autumn.

You can periodically make a web request. There’s an example flow being shown here: Met een http commando kijken of een schakelaar aan of uit staat

(the post is in Dutch, but the flow should be self-explanatory)

Ah thanks.
No problem I’m Dutch.