Insights to energy use

Trying to analyze my energy use last year on my radiators.
In “energy” I can only see real time usage. In “insights” I can see the usage over time but in that graph I don’t see the total energy use over time.
If I export as csv and look at the file I see a logged wattage use but the time stamps looks like every 6th hour. How should I read that? If it says 1200W is that then per hour those 6 hours. Or a total over that period? Would of course be great to get a bit more options directly in insights but exporting is fine if I can just figure out what I’m seeing.
Thankful for any help.

Probably a bit of a sidetrack, but I created this app because of my frustration on the lack of usefull energy insights:

Thanks. I saw that, I tried to download it but I guess I can only see future use, after installation right? I can’t see historical use using the app?


No idea on how to read the csv? I’m getting this as an example. The values with a period instead of comma is not read as numbers. And not sure how to read the dates that span 6 hours on each row. Is the value a total for 6 or an average per hour during those 6?

It is the average over the 6 hours. If you e.g. select 2 years Insights the values are averaged over an even longer period. If you select last hour you get the average over each 5 seconds.

The averaging is done to limit the storage space that is needed for Insights. Before Athom introduced this compression strategy the Insights logs would grow until Homey crashed…